Welcome to my site! This is a supplement to my profile at Fanfiction.net. It's my place where I can write about this or that (concerning fan fiction and other things), and not have a really, really long profile over at FF.net. So here it is: Life, love, and the art of fan fiction as I see it. I write a lot of stuff about my stories. Explanations, symbolism in depth, what almost made the final cut. . . things like that. I guess it's really for people who like my work a lot. Or just for myself, 'cause I never shut up.

So just as a general warning, this is basically all text and all rambling. Thanks for visiting!

My name is Alli, but in fandom I go by Love and Rock Music. I'm a college sophomore from New York pursuing an Arts degree, who, despite the many, many unfinished projects that surround her, continues to start fanfic after fanfic to add to the list of perpetual works in progress.

I love fan fiction. Even if we have to sift through a ton of crap to find the good stuff, it's worth it. I love stumbling across those fanfic gems: the epilogue that never was or the rewrite of a minor conflict, those offscreen meetings of secret lovers or the audacious journey into the AU. Exactly what we viewers or readers had been robbed of a film or show or series. It may be romantic and unrealistic, but I like to believe that everyone here on FF.net is just looking for a happy ending. To quote Dana Marschz:

"I just wondered why in Hamlet 1, everybody has to die! It's such a downer! I mean, if Hamlet had had just a little bit of therapy, he could have turned everything around. Everybody deserves a second chance."

Wise words. Yes, we can appreciate the scope of a tragedy, but through fan fiction we can explore emotions and subplots, and give our beloved characters the happy endings they deserve. Rory can go with Jess to New York! Cassie can tell Mace about the baby! And Lucy and Caspian can have the chance to fall in love.

Everybody deserves a second chance. Romantic, maybe, but no less profound. Enter fan fiction. Dana, who is the hero of Hamlet 2, pens the titular 'sequel to Hamlet' that is the ultimate work of fan fiction - Hamlet uses a time machine to stop Gertrude from drinking the poison, to stop Ophelia from drowning. See?! (And btw, I totally recommend this movie, it's one of my all-time fave comedies.)

I do love writing fanfic, but I have an equal (or perhaps even greater) passion for reading it. (I will venture to say that the only reason I write it is because I haven't found a story that satisfies a particular longing.) And I love reviews. Not just getting them, but leaving them. I'm long overdue on feedback for my favorites because I try to leave insightful and constructive ones. Though I will admit I am occasionally given to cold grammar corrections and wry wit. If you found your way here because I left a negative review your story - well, I'm probably not sorry for delivering the truth sandwich.


I can hardly believe I'm saying it, but. . . the first chapter of Lily's Eyes is finished! Two whole years in the making, and it's finally done. Yes! The bad news is that none of the other sixteen chapters are beyond outlines. But on the bright side, the writer's block forced three unrelated oneshots out of me - unfortunately, though they are complete, they'll be shelved until Lily's Eyes is done. So see you all in about 32 years. . . lol. I hope.


I prefer messages through the PM system over at FF.net, but anyone who would rather email can contact me at loveandrockmusic@yahoo.com.

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